Two-part implant with precision inner hexagon and marginal taper

Hexacone implant

Laser Surface

no-itis laseroberflaeche

The new surface treatment for Dr. Ihde Dental AG implants is created with the latest generation of robotic tools for laser ablation. This new technology of high precision creates roughness in the implant through a mesh of hemispherical micrometric pores, with a defined, always identical size and shape and with a symmetrical distribution.

The result is a more adequate topography, which provides the most suitable conditions for the osseointegration of the implant, but at the same time it is, and behaves like, a smooth surface at a micrometric (cellular) level. This means that while bone grows well on this surface, the adhesion of bacteria to the same surface is significantly reduced.


Hexacone thread


different implant heads

The Hexacone® implant system offers a wide range of prosthetic abutments. The interface between implant and abutment is the same for all implant diameters, which makes this system even easier.


Hexacone® implants have an internal hexagon, an internal marginal cone and an internal thread according to US standard.

Hexacone Interface

Hexacone® Variants